Theatre Credits 

2018: Assistant DirectorGENERATION HOPE SGI - UK, Manchester Central Convention, Tom Wright
2017: (Madame Zofia) ODESSA 1910Robert Watts Secret TheatreRobyn Cooper
2016: (Mabel Dodge,) ALTITUDE SICKNESSLakeside TheatreMartin Berry
2015: (Lola Woods) TWILIGHT DANCERThe Place TheatreCally Lawrence
2014: (Matron) AMATEUR GIRL - NOTTINGHAM PLAYHOUSEfifth world workshops, Kate Chapman
2011: (Julie) NEAT 11 - PAINKILLERSNottingham PlayhouseSusannah Tresilian

2011: (Matron) Be My Baby by Amanda Whittington, Derby Playhouse, Esther Richardson.

2009: (Connie) Glamour Nottingham Playhouse, Bill Alexander 

2008:(Deborah) Smile, Lakeside Theatre-Nottingham, Matt Aston
2008: (Don Juan) Don Juan Who?, Athletes of the Heart/Mladinsko Theatre, Anna Furse
2006: (Faith) Small Waves, Power House & Methodica Theatre, Vancouver, Tom Wright
2006: (Deborah/Joanna) The Rain Has Voices, Take Art, Chris Fogg
2005: (Queen/Witch) Children of the Crown, Nottingham Playhouse, Andrew Breakwell
2005: (Ellie March) The Fox, Tangere Arts, Maggie Ford
2003: (Deborah) The Mobius Twist, Beth Shalom Michael Wilson
2000: (Martha) Quarantine, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Bill Alexander
1999: Jewish Wife & Chanteuse) Teeth Like Razors - Brecht, Framework Productions

1996: (Mother & Daughter) FLORENCEMagdalena Cardiff 
1994: (Heliose) PLAISIR'S D'AMOURDe Marco Theatre/ Zofia Kalinska
1993StagePhasieCRIMES OF PASSIONNottingham PlayhousePip Broughton
1992: (Zofia D'Abercerages) THE SALE OF THE DEMONIC WOMENMeeting Ground Theatre CompanyZofia Kalinska
1991: (Elizabeth) Paradise. Nottingham Playhouse, Pip Broughton
1989: (Lola) SUNDAY CHILDRENDerby PlayhouseAnnie Castledine
1989: (Robin Hood) THE TALES OF ROBIN HOOD PANTOMIMEDerby PlayhouseAnnie Castledine
1989: (Betty) TOUCHEDDerby PlayhouseAnnie Castledine
1988: (One Girl) DANCE FOR THE GIRLSMeeting Ground TheatreTamzin Griffin/ Tanya Myers
1988: (Dawn) DEMON LOVERSMeeting Ground TheatreStephen Lowe
1988: (Rowena) MASTERPIECESDerby PlayhouseBrigid Lamour
1987: (Poppy) DESIREMeeting Ground TheatreStephen Lowe
1986" (Girl) STRIVEMeeting Ground Theatre, Stephen Lowe

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