Actress and Writer

Tanya is Co-founder /Artistic Director of Meeting Ground Theatre Company since 1985.

Writer/Actress and Audio book reader 
-aka - Juanita MacMahon.

Theatre actress 1984-2014: Seminal collaborations include - Anna Furse, Zofia Kalinska, Augusto Boal, Bill Alexander, Annie Castledine, Jonathan Chadwick, Pip Broughton and Tamzin Griffin

Film credits include 1996-2014: Control by Anton Corbijn, Skeletons by Nick Whitfield, The Trick by Rob Green, Oranges and Sunshine by Jim Loach, Twenty Four Seven, Room for Romeo Brass and Small Time by Shane Meadows, SoulMate by Axelle Carolyn, Back to the Garden by Jon Sanders

Commissioned plays for production 1984- 2001: The Fence, Dance for the Girls, Florence Remembered, Falling Angels, Small Waves, Sail Away, Inside Out of Mind.

Agent PHPM – Phillipa Howell

Spotlight: Page 2636

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